What we do

We turn insights into experiences.

Experience Audit

Being too familiar with your product or service can cause experience issues to go unnoticed. Our Experience Audit offers an independent viewpoint to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted recommendations for boosting conversion and engagement.

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Experience Design

By investing in experience design, you can differentiate your business, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth. Whether you have a product or service, a specific opportunity, or need guidance, we'll work as your partner to bring your vision to life.

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Our mission

How does experience design help create a sustainable future for agriculture?

At Bo Studio, we believe experience design can help create a sustainable future for agriculture by improving the interactions of agricultural technologies, systems and practices.

Designing user-friendly and intuitive experiences for farmers and growers ensures they can more easily access and adopt technology, resources, products and services. All are capabilities that can improve their production methods, leading to increased yields, reduced waste and smarter, environmentally-friendly land use.

We also believe these experiences can increase transparency, educate and help change consumer perceptions, and promote sustainable food production practices.

Bo Studio founder, Emma Campbell smiling in a while shirt standing in front of wood pile.

Seamless experiences stand out.

Experience design creates efficient and user-centred experiences that meet the needs of your customers and internal teams. If you're facing challenges in your product or service delivery, it might be time to invest in experience design.