Bo Studio is an experience design agency for agriculture

We are dedicated to delivering quality customer experiences.

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Our mission

How does experience design help create a sustainable future for agriculture?

At Bo Studio, we believe experience design can help create a sustainable future for agriculture by improving the interactions of agricultural technologies, systems and practices.

Designing user-friendly and intuitive experiences for farmers and growers ensures they can more easily access and adopt technology, resources, products and services. All are capabilities that can improve their production methods, leading to increased yields, reduced waste and smarter, environmentally-friendly land use.

We also believe these experiences can increase transparency, educate and help change consumer perceptions, and promote sustainable food production practices.

Bo Studio founder, Emma Campbell smiling in a while shirt standing in front of wood pile.

Our formula for success.


We collaborate with businesses who are passionate about improving the agriculture industry.


We dig deep to get to know your business and customers and identify insights backed by research.


We only work on projects we can see a clear return on investment for you.


We work with our clients to foster a deeper understanding of their customers, team and organisation.

What we do.

Experience Strategy.

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We craft strategies that align business goals with user needs and define the vision, principles, and roadmaps for the experience of your products and services.

User Experience (UX Design).

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We create intuitive and efficient navigation systems, interactive elements and layout that improve the overall user experience of your products and services.

Service Design.

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We design and optimise service systems to improve the overall customer journey and increase satisfaction and loyalty while creating efficiencies and streamlining internal processes.

UI Design.

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We design visually engaging and consistent interfaces that reflect the brand identity and enhance the usability of your products and services.

User Research & Testing.

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We gather feedback and insights from real users through surveys, interviews and testing to understand their needs, behaviours and pain points and evaluate the usability and effectiveness of your products and services.

Experience Audit

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An unbiased analysis of your products and services will help identify solutions for improvement early on, drive innovation and optimise performance and customer experience.

Workshop Facilitation.

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We facilitate collaborative sessions to align stakeholders, generate ideas and define solutions to create meaningful experiences in your products and services.

The history of Bo

NZ Entrepreneur interviews founder, Emma Maguire (née Campbell).

Learn more about our decision to specialise in experience design for agriculture, and discover some valuable user experience tips you can bring into your own business.

Meet Bo Studio.

Photograph of Bo Studio founder, Emma Campbell. Standing in a paddock wearing jeans and a blue top.

Emma Maguire (née Campbell)

Founder & Experience Designer

Meet Emma, the founder of Bo Studio. With over seven years of experience as a UX Designer for tech companies in New Zealand and abroad, Emma brings a wealth of knowledge to her new venture.

After living in Ireland for three years with her partner, Emma returned to New Zealand and decided to fuse her love for agriculture with her design skills by creating Bo Studio, which supports agricultural businesses in designing exceptional customer experiences. The name, Bo Studio, was inspired by the Irish word for cow, "Bó."

Emma and her partner were living on a a 120-acre farm in rural Waikato, Ngāruawāhia, where they ran a small beef herd. They have now relocated to Melbourne, Australia.

Seamless experiences stand out.

Experience design creates efficient and user-centred experiences that meet the needs of your customers and internal teams. If you're facing challenges in your product or service delivery, it might be time to invest in experience design.