Our UX Services

We help agritech businesses scale by using a solution-focused approach.

UX Audit

An unbiased analysis of your digital product will help identify solutions for improvement early on, drive innovation and optimise product performance and user experience.

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User Research

Utilising user research methods and stepping into the shoes of your users means we can see and feel their world to validate design assumptions.

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UX & UI Design

UX and UI depend on each other to create valuable digital solutions that are both functional and aesthetic—resulting in user satisfaction and contributing to business success and growth.

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Workflow Audit

A strategic UX-integrated workflow will optimise the use of your time and resources and drive the most impact for your business.

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Bo Studio Director, Emma Campbell, smiling at the camera and sitting at a table with a laptop and wireframes.

Why work with Bo Studio?

Consider us your agtech UX experts.

Bringing our combined rural upbringing and expertise in UX design to the field means we can deliver you a more profound result. Bo Studio is:


We collaborate with businesses who are passionate about improving the agriculture industry.


We dig deep to get to know your business and users.


We only work on projects we can see a clear return on investment for you.


We apply emotional intelligence to your business and users for exceptional outcomes.

Transform your business by inspiring your users.

Inspired users become happy customers, and happy customers lead to business success. Let’s discuss what we can do together to help you achieve goals for your business and your users.