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Headshot of Baden Parr

Baden Parr

Co-Founder @ ProTag

“Emma is a breath of fresh air for an industry that has historically not given much thought to user centred design and the user experience in general. She is professional, highly knowledgable, and not afraid to get into the thick of it to truly understand your products, experiences, and customers you are serving. I strongly recommend Emma & Bo Studio for young or established companies looking to develop amazing products & services for the agriculture industry.”

Meeting room with floor to ceiling windows. A workshop has taken place so there are different coloured sticky notes on the walls and 4 men around the table.

Our impact in agriculture

Case Studies.

What we do.

Experience Strategy.

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We craft strategies that align business goals with user needs and define the vision, principles, and roadmaps for the experience of your products and services.

User Experience (UX Design).

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We create intuitive and efficient navigation systems, interactive elements and layout that improve the overall user experience of your products and services.

Service Design.

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We design and optimise service systems to improve the overall customer journey and increase satisfaction and loyalty while creating efficiencies and streamlining internal processes.

UI Design.

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We design visually engaging and consistent interfaces that reflect the brand identity and enhance the usability of your products and services.

User Research & Testing.

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We gather feedback and insights from real users through surveys, interviews and testing to understand their needs, behaviours and pain points and evaluate the usability and effectiveness of your products and services.

Experience Audit

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An unbiased analysis of your products and services will help identify solutions for improvement early on, drive innovation and optimise performance and customer experience.

Workshop Facilitation.

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We facilitate collaborative sessions to align stakeholders, generate ideas and define solutions to create meaningful experiences in your products and services.

Need a hand?

Our consulting services.

Experience Audit

Being too familiar with your product or service can cause experience issues to go unnoticed. Our Experience Audit offers an independent viewpoint to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted recommendations for boosting conversion and engagement.

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Experience Design

By investing in experience design, you can differentiate your business, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth. Whether you have a product or service, a specific opportunity, or need guidance, we'll work as your partner to bring your vision to life.

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Close up of woman on ladder against water tank. Shes holding a mobile phone to connect to her water tank monitor that you can see in the background.
Headshot of Bruce Trevarthen

Bruce Trevarthen

Co-Founder @ ModuSense

“Bo Studio is an exceptional team to work with. Their design outputs are not only efficient, but also of industry-leading quality and clarity. Emma takes the time to deeply understand the intended user behaviours and aligns them with her extensive agriculture knowledge. As a result, the designs are both comprehensive and cohesive.”

Seamless experiences stand out.

Experience design creates efficient and user-centred experiences that meet the needs of your customers and internal teams. If you're facing challenges in your product or service delivery, it might be time to invest in experience design.