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May 26, 2022

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Hitting the market with a new product is exciting – yet nerve-wracking as you want it to be a great success. The chances are much higher when there’s forethought about the people using your product. Sounds obvious, but often this crucial element can go amiss.

Making the user central to your digital solution is more important than ever in our time-precious environment. Bringing UX into the design process before launching your product will help shape your solution into one that's simple, intuitive, a joy to use and captures audience loyalty.

Meet the needs of your users by getting to know them first.

By firstly understanding the needs of your users, their motivations and pain points, you’ll be on the right path to creating an empowering user experience that solves their problems. This will help form the foundation of your product design strategy.

Step into the shoes of your users, and find out what they really want in order to validate or disprove design assumptions before moving concepts into development. We'd always recommend getting everyone on your product team in front of users. It's essential for developers to see your product's real-life implications and keep users in mind as they innovate. Ultimately, creating a product that your users will be eager to adopt into their daily lives.

It all begins with empathy.

While it may be tempting to skip user research, investing in this invaluable process unlocks a wealth of benefits to your users and your business: 

  • Higher user-satisfaction
  • A user-centred design people trust 
  • A product that provides solutions to problems
  • A stronger connection with your customers
  • Identifying opportunities and mitigating risks
  • Saving time, resources and costs in the long run

If you're not in a position to initiate your user research, Bo Studio can customise and conduct the user research process to suit your business needs. We draw on various qualitative and quantitative methods such as interviews, focus groups, analytics collections and usability testing.

Make your product experience a joyful one with UX and UI design.

UX (user experience) and UI (user interaction) design both lean on each other to create an enhanced user experience for your product. So, what’s the difference between the two?

While UX will zero in on providing a seamless product interaction that will solve your users’ problems, UI, on the other hand, will hone in on the aesthetics and feel; creating a beautiful functioning interface that balances usability, brand positioning, and visually delights users.

UX and UI contribute to the success of your digital solution.

If you’re about to launch a new product and find you are spending more time troubleshooting errors, or are in a continuous cycle adding one feature after another – it could be time to turn to UX/UI design.  UX and UI design factors in emotional responses to experiences which enable logical responses to in-app processes.

Further reasons why UX/UI design is vital to the success of your digital solution include:

  • A highly intuitive and aesthetic end solution
  • An increase in revenue, customer acquisition and retention
  • A reduction of development costs and risks
  • Assists with prioritisation of efforts
  • Ideal for sustainable long-term growth and brand loyalty

There are six key phases to UX/UI design. From business alignment, and product discovery to ideation, design and testing. Learn more about how we can help support your needs, no matter where you are in the design process.

Identify solutions for improvement early on.

As the saying goes, prevention is key. Applying user thinking from the beginning will set your business up for success. Receiving an analysis of your digital product before you get in too deep with the development will not only maximise the value of your product, but it will minimise risks.

A UX audit is essentially a user experience health check to spot usability issues. We do this by reviewing all components of your product based on your goals, usability standards and metrics. We can then propose solutions and opportunities for improvement to enhance the overall user experience.

The type of experience your users have with your product determines whether they stay engaged. 

Insights gathered from a UX Audit can create an impression with stakeholders and investors by demonstrating in-depth user considerations. In addition, pre-empting improvements and identifying opportunities prior, will show you have done the groundwork to deliver a meaningful and valuable concept.   

Implementing user thinking into your process.  

You're in a great position in the early phases of your product development to bring a user-first perspective to your workflow. This is ideal even without a UX resource on your team, and the results can save you time and budget in the long run. Making user thinking part of your workflow at the start ensures that as your business starts to scale, your user experience can scale with it. More benefits from incorporating a UX framework are:

  • Ensures you do the groundwork of research and problem framing before launching into problem-solving
  • Draws out valuable insights to create a thoughtful solution
  • Defines practical recommended steps to help you apply a user-first approach 
  • Having a team skilled in UX processes and knowing how to incorporate them into workflows

Every business is different, and there is no one size fits all when adopting UX processes. Find what works best for your team, or talk to us about fast-tracking your team's learning with a tailored UX Playbook.

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