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Emma Maguire (née Campbell)

May 27, 2022

Man in a field of cows using a mobile app to monitor his herd.

We are proud to announce the launch of Bo Studio!

After eight years of experience working in the field as a Product and UX Designer for various tech companies in New Zealand and globally, I believe there’s a real need and opportunity to transform agritech businesses and how users are experiencing digital products. 

With recent announcements on emissions reduction plans and budget allocations, AgriTech New Zealand emphasises the pivotal role of agritech for New Zealand, with an additional investment of five million dollars being funded towards the Agritech Industry Transformation Plan.

Our mission directly relates to this, as we aim to increase agritech businesses’ capacity, by empowering the way users are experiencing digital products. With the demand to increase user satisfaction, retention, reduce development costs and the need to bring in a measurable return on investment for many agritech companies, has led us to found Bo Studio.

It’s so easy to forget that a person is interacting with your digital solution and we often make assumptions about how the user interacts with your product online and what the user needs. When really, we don’t always have it right and agritech businesses are left wondering why their new product isn’t performing or get stuck in a cycle of adding new features to improve it. 

This is where we want to start making a difference and transform the way agritech businesses are designing products for their field. We are a NZ agritech and UX design company with a focus on providing impactful UX design. We apply various methods and tailoring solutions that will align your business strategy with your user needs.

We're excited to connect with you and start creating an impact for agritech businesses today.

Transform your business by inspiring your users.

Inspired users become happy customers, and happy customers lead to business success. Let’s discuss what we can do together to help you achieve goals for your business and your users.

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