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Emma Maguire (née Campbell)

May 29, 2024

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In December 2021, I began developing Bo Studio, officially launching it six months later. Bo was founded from my interest in agriculture, rural upbringing, and problem-solving skills as an experience designer. While industries like fintech are more mature and appealing for experience design, I saw agritech as underserved and a place where I could make a significant impact. Agriculture is essential to life—all food we consume is farmed or grown. By improving experiences for farmers, growers, and consumers, we move closer to sustainable food production.

I’m incredibly proud of the work Bo Studio has accomplished over the past two years. We’ve collaborated with a variety of businesses, from startups to large enterprises. I want to thank Vinea, ModuSense, Gallagher, Deosan, ProTag, and FreeWave for trusting a new company like Bo. Their support has been crucial to our success.

Over the past year, Bo Studio has stepped back from maintaining an online presence to reassess our direction. It’s a challenging time for many businesses, particularly small ones. As a result, I’ve decided to transition Bo into an educational resource so I can explore new opportunities.

What does this mean? 

Now, with a clear direction, I can focus on creating content that helps agritech innovators enhance their user and customer experiences. I’m delighted about this shift. My commitment to supporting agriculture remains strong, and I aim to provide insights, frameworks, and strategies for agritech startups.

What can you expect from Bo? 

Expect regular articles, tools, and resources on the Bo Studio website and a monthly newsletter to keep you updated. Bo’s online presence will return, including more activity on LinkedIn.

Have ideas you’d like to discuss? 

I’d love to hear them! Email me at, and I can create new resources to help you and others.

Thank you for all the support on this journey with Bo Studio. I’m excited about our new direction and look forward to being more active in the agritech community!

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