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UX Audit

Maximise the value of your product with a UX Audit.

Get an unbiased analysis of your digital product and identify solutions for improvement early on. A fresh UX perspective will help drive innovation and optimise product performance and user experience.

What is a UX Audit?

A UX audit is a preventative check from a user viewpoint to identify usability issues.

The type of experience your users have with your product will highly influence whether they remain engaged.

We carefully review all elements of your product based on business goals, usability standards, and metrics and present solutions to areas of improvement to boost the overall user experience.

When is a good time to perform a UX Audit?

When moving your prototype into development.

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Before pushing your prototype into development or to market, receive an unbiased audit review of your design and user journeys to ensure an optimal user experience.

When presenting to stakeholders or investors.

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Impress investors with your level of presentation and put your best foot forward. Portray professionalism and show you can deliver a meaningful concept, have pre-empted improvements, and identified future opportunities.

Throughout the development phase.

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Integrate UX design improvements as part of your development plan for the ultimate user interface design experience. Integration fosters collaboration and ensures technical constraints and user needs are handled together - saving on time and resources in the future.

When your users aren’t converting.

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A usability audit will reveal where you can make user interface improvements and how issues can directly hinder conversions and user retention, giving you more time to spend elsewhere in the business rather than attending to support enquiries.

During a rebrand.

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This is a perfect time to revisit your user experience and identify improvements alongside the design process, ensuring UX is a part of achieving your business goals.

Are you too close to your product?

Optimise resources, prioritise efforts and ensure a return on investment for your digital product with a UX audit.

Investing in a UX Audit will benefit your business with:

Higher user retention

Identified solutions to support business objectives

Future opportunities for improvement and innovation

Increased conversions and return on investment

Guided product roadmaps

Enhanced competitiveness – discover your product’s unique value

Supported decision-making and minimised risk with meaningful data

Our Process

What does a UX Audit look like with us?

Discover your business goals.

We run a discovery workshop with your team to discuss your usability objectives, current problems and who your users and competitors are.

Audit your digital solution.

We walk through your key user journeys and perform a UI/UX review to learn where design impacts user experience. This can include competitive analysis, user research, usability studies, and a review of user-friendly terminology.

Outline findings in a report.

You’ll receive a detailed UX Audit report of current strengths, opportunities, and recommended solutions. A prioritisation matrix of issues will shape roadmaps, quick wins, and strategic design decisions. Includes all raw data gathered.


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Working with Bo Studio

A better understanding of your users will lead to higher user satisfaction and more conversions.

We are specialists in agritech, however, we can provide UX Audit services to any sector that has a digital product no matter what stage of development the product is at.

Get started with your UX Audit.

Unleash potential and keep your users coming back. Let’s get talking and make that positive product user connection together.