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User Research

Create impact by seeing the world through the lens of your users.

UX research builds the foundation of your product design strategy. Truly understanding the needs of your users will shape how you create an empowering user experience.

What is User Research?

User Research is the process of better understanding user needs, behaviours, motivations and how people live their lives.

This is achieved by utilising various user research methods and techniques, putting aside preconceived ideas and truly stepping into the shoes of your users. From this perspective, we can do our best to see and feel their world to validate or disprove design assumptions.

When should you conduct user research?

When you’re creating a new digital solution

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Before building a new product, it’s crucial your users are at the forefront and you are targeting their needs. Identify who your users are, their challenges, and product use context to facilitate a satisfying user experience.

When you’re adding new features.

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Learn how your users are currently engaging with your product before investing resources into adding product features. Ask yourself, what value will the new add-ons provide to your users?

When you’re defining product strategy and roadmaps.

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Doing user research helps define the direction of your digital solution and validates your next steps. This process reduces the guesswork and will provide you with a roadmap that will lead to success.

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It all begins with empathy

Whilst it may be tempting to skip user research, it is vital for a successful user experience.

Investing in user research provides benefits to your users and your business:

Create a user-centred design that people actually need, want and trust using.

Achieve greater user satisfaction by ensuring your design is effective, efficient, and intuitive, making for a shorter learning curve.

Validate design decisions, hypotheses, and assumptions to ensure your product does provide a solution to your users' problems'.

Inform product strategy and prioritise development focus.

Build a human connection with your customers and show you are working in partnership with them.

Uncover problems and user needs you weren’t previously aware of.

Our Process

The user research process draws on various qualitative and quantitative methods.

User Interviews

Have an open conversation with your users to gain deeper insight into their behaviour and how they think and feel.

Usability Testing Research

Observe users using your product, and provide set tasks to uncover usability flaws and strengths of your current digital solution.

Card Sorting

Structure the information architecture in your product with card sorting and validate the results with tree testing.

Surveys, Feedback

Capture user preferences and attitudes towards your digital solution with surveys, and review exisiting support tickets and customer feedback.

Analytics Collection

Analyse your existing data or set up an analytics collection process including heatmaps, time spent on task, bounce rates, and conversions.

Focus Groups

Moderate discussions with users to learn how they perceive your product and what problems they experience.

Diary Studies

Gain a deeper insight into the habits and daily lives of your users as they record their actions in real-time.


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Working with Bo Studio

Leverage your user findings with confidence for future decision making and an informed product strategy.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when planning user research as each business and situation calls for a customised solution.

At Bo Studio, we emphasise building a foundation for your product design strategy to create a memorable user experience and achieve your business goals. We take the time to understand the problem we are solving before turning to the research method that will provide the most value.

Meet the needs of your users by getting to know them first.

Know that your product will work in the real world, with real people, by actioning user research.