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Gain actionable insights from your customers at the Fieldays.

Exhibiting at the Fieldays this year? This is the perfect opportunity to get in front of your users and potential customers with a guerrilla user research plan to validate ideas, test concepts and learn more about how they think and feel.

Bo Studio can work with you to build a tailored user research plan that your team can carry out during the event, or we can execute it and provide a summary report with our findings.

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Guerrilla user research is a quick, low-cost, high reward method that:

Confirms you're solving the right problem.

Identifies areas of opportunity.

Forms a better picture of who your users are and uncovers problems and user needs you may have not been aware of.

Allows you to validate new designs and prototypes before development or release.

Builds human connections with your customers and demonstrates your partnership with them.

User Research Services

How we can help.

Create a user research plan.

Give your team a script and structured plan to help them have meaningful conversations that yield valuable information. We can create a user research plan that anyone in your team can follow, and we'll provide a framework to best capture the insights.

from $1,200 excl. GST

Create and execute a user research plan.

The true value of user research is gaining actionable insights. So we'll craft a tailored user research plan and be onsite on the day to have the right conversations with your users. All findings are recorded and delivered to you in a report highlighting any recommendations.

from $3,000 excl. GST

Create and execute user research plans over multiple days.

If you need to capture a large amount of user data, or you need insights across a few different areas, then we can build targeted user research plans to bring you those findings.

from $5,800 excl. GST


Unlock opportunity at the Fieldays.

Talking to your customers is your greatest asset, and the Fieldays presents a perfect time to engage and learn from users. We're only offering a few spots for this service to ensure we deliver high-quality, effective user research plans.

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