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A versatile designer, strategist and problem solver shaping experiences that exceed customer expectations.

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For over seven years I've designed interfaces and user experiences, obsessing over ways to maximise their impact on people. Through Bo Studio, my experience design business, I partner with agritech companies to deliver standout customer experiences.

I’m now pivoting from Bo Studio to seek new challenges that create a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

I've recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia, looking for a role that goes beyond UX to embrace the holistic experience around digital touchpoints. What gets me really excited is experience strategy and service design. I firmly believe every aspect, from customer to employee experience, shapes the backbone of a remarkable service, whether digital or physical.

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Work experience.

Founder & Experience Design Lead @ Bo Studio.

Dec 2021 - Present

Since starting Bo Studio I've worked with large agriculture organisations and start-ups across New Zealand and the United States. These include Gallagher, FreeWave (IoT), ProTag, Deosan and Vinea. Projects have ranged from user research, workshop facilitation, end-to-end user experience, UI design and experience strategy.

With Gallagher, I took the lead on a user research project aimed at identifying pain points in software migration, leading to the development of a solution that not only improved customer migrations but also reduced support calls significantly within just one month of its launch.

Additionally, I conceptualised and introduced to Bo a streamlined 4-step Experience Audit process that not only provides clients with strategic insights and actionable recommendations but also significantly reduces internal workload.

I've also played a vital role in the development and implementation of service blueprints and journey mapping while validating against business objectives and led experience direction, communicating effectively with stakeholders and wider teams, and ensuring alignment with experience strategies and business goals.

I'm proud to have successfully mentored an intern, actively contributing to their professional growth in the realm of user experience over a three-month period.

Product Design Consultant @ Stuff.

Aug 2021 - Dec 2021

I served as a Product Design consultant at Stuff, the flagship website of Stuff Limited, New Zealand's leading media organisation. In this role, I contributed to both the Video Products and Strategy team and Stuff's advertising self-service portal, Stuff Ads. My responsibilities included developing user research plans and working within a team to establish user personas, which have since become integral across all digital teams. I closely collaborated with business and digital product owners to pinpoint customer experience challenges and proposed and designed final solutions in Figma.

Senior User Experience Designer @ Tyk.

Oct 2019 - July 2021

At Tyk, an API Management solution dedicated to empowering development teams to create secure and scalable API-driven businesses, my role was a Senior UX Designer. I produced comprehensive prototypes, design systems, and documentation, streamlining our squad's development processes and reducing time and costs.

I facilitated design thinking workshops, highlighting strategic direction for the user experience within the API management platform. This initiative significantly improved our B2B clients' grasp of how concepts and technologies are integrated.

Additionally, I provided mentorship and coaching to members of my design team, fostering their professional growth and enhancing our overall design capabilities. This effort resulted in one team member earning a well-deserved promotion within three months.

User Experience Designer @ EQUIIS.

Feb 2019 - Aug 2019

EQUIIS was a start-up organisation that brought to market an end-to-end secure communications app called flaim. They had launched on the App Store and Google Play but needed a design and user experience overhaul.

During my time with EQUIIS, I implemented user testing and research processes within the organisation and carried out wireframing, prototyping and UI design, ensuring a user-centric design process. I collaborated with another UX designer, the development team and stakeholders to redesign the UI consistency and accessibility of the iOS and Android application of claim.

After the redesign, ratings on the App Store and Google Play increased, and it became the fastest growing app in Africa at the time.

Digital Creative @ NeroMotion.

Jul 2017 - Dec 2018

Neromotion is a full-service digital agency specialising in bespoke software solutions. During my time I led entire project lifecycles, from initial concepts and prototyping to collaborating closely withdevelopers for the final implementation. I also successfully engaged with clients through consultations, advising on design strategies, and presented creative concepts while strengthening client relationships. A highlight was designing the New Zealand market's first Citroën car configurator microsite.

Case Studies.

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Portrait of Keinen Wyatt

Keinen Wyatt

Product Manager @ Gallagher

"Emma has been a huge help for the design team here at Gallagher. From voice of the customer work right through to helping deliver well thought out customer experiences. Emma has consistently delivered new approaches and ways of thinking about solutions to customer problems.

One thing I really appreciate about the way she works is how she involves you, brings you on the journey and adapted her approach to our unique situation. Enabling us to maximise the value of her work. I would recommend Emma for anything UX research, design, process and leadership related.

Thank you Emma for all of your hard work and contribution to user experience in our industry here in New Zealand. Your thought leadership, expertise will be hugely missed."

Headshot of Baden Parr

Baden Parr

Co-Founder @ ProTag

Emma has a deep understanding and passion for the customer's journey and experience that is truly infectious.

She has an innate ability to quickly focus on what is important and breaks down the problem space in ways that others can easily follow and learn from.

We thoroughly enjoy working with and learning from Emma and look forward to doing so again soon.

Portrait of Jane Nevin Wolf

Jane Nevin Wolf

Head of Product Design @ Stuff

"Loved working with Emma - she strategically worked through some complex user experience problems and presented well considered, elegant solutions in a way that a range of stakeholders could understand.

She’s cheerful, considerate and super-smart."

Portrait of Bruce Trevarthen

Bruce Trevarthen

Co-Founder @ ModuSense

“Bo Studio is an exceptional team to work with. Their design outputs are not only efficient, but also of industry-leading quality and clarity.

Emma takes the time to deeply understand the intended user behaviours and aligns them with her extensive knowledge.

As a result, the designs are both comprehensive and cohesive.”

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