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Get actionable insights to improve your customer experience with an Experience Audit.

Bo Studio is the leading experience design studio for agriculture. Our Experience Audit is a powerful tool for agriculture businesses looking to understand the state of their current user or customer experience and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

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A strategic plan

Putting the customer back in customer experience.

Our Experience Audit provides you with:

  • An Experience Vision - where you're going and why
  • Experience Goals - to help you achieve your vision and measure progress
  • Competitive Analysis - what experiences do competitors offer and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Your current experience - what works and where there are opportunities
  • Validation research - what your customers are saying and doing
  • Plan of action - steps on how to accomplish your Experience Goals and measure success
  • Next steps - the way forward
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What does an Experience Audit look like with us?

Our Process.


We run a discovery meeting to learn key information about your business goals, target audience, problem space, unique value proposition, current concerns and desired customer experience.


Prior to conducting any user research, we like to evaluate your product or service experience objectively. By keeping a customer's perspective in mind, we document every thought, feeling, question, and idea as they happen during the experience.


We validate our findings by reviewing support tickets, customer feedback and previous company research. Usability testing is also performed to verify our recommendations and uncover any additional areas for improvement.


You’ll receive a comprehensive report outlining your current strengths, opportunities, and proposed solutions supported by customer insights. Our plans will guide the creation of roadmaps, quick wins, and strategic design decisions.

Headshot of Bruce Trevarthen

Bruce Trevarthen

Co-founder @ ModuSense

“Bo Studio is an exceptional team to work with. Their outputs are not only efficient, but also of industry-leading quality and clarity. Emma takes the time to deeply understand the intended user behaviours and aligns them with her extensive agriculture knowledge.”

Limited time launch offer

Bo Studio is committed to providing exceptional value and top-notch experiences.

As a result, we're offering a reduced price for our Experience Audits for a limited time to showcase what we can do for your business while allowing us to test and improve our processes.

We believe in our ability to exceed expectations, and we're excited to work with you to create a more customer-centric experience and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Working with Bo Studio

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does an Experience Audit take?

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We typically need 2-3 weeks to complete an Experience Audit. Timings depend on the number of customer experiences to be evaluated and the speed of lining up participants for usability testing.

How involved do I need to be?

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Not very! We'll need a couple of hours of your time for our discovery workshop and your help recruiting some of your customers as user research participants. Aside from that, our next interaction will be handing over your Experience Audit.

Are design files included?

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No, the Experience Audit is a report detailing your current product or service experience strengths, opportunities and recommended solutions backed by customer insights. It doesn't include executing the proposed changes.

Can Bo Studio implement the recommendations?

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Yes! You can engage us to implement the recommendations. For more information on our process, see our Experience Design service. As a note, we don't do in-house development, so we can either work alongside your team or help you find a development partner for digital solutions.

When is a good time to get an Experience Audit?

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If you have an existing product or service, here are some examples of good opportunities to get an Experience Analysis: you're moving your prototype into development, you're presenting to investors, you're developing new features, your users aren't converting, or you're going through a rebrand.

What's the cost of investing in an Experience Audit?

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At Bo Studio, our pricing typically starts from $5,000 NZD. However we're offering a reduced rate for a limited time. The pricing will vary depending on the number of customer journeys, complexity of the current experiences and the user research and usability testing required. Get in touch, and we organise a consult and send you a proposal based on your needs.